Proverbs 28:27

He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse.
– Proverbs 28:27

Generosity counters greed. The general tenor of wisdom sayings runs to the blessing of generosity so that the giver needn’t worry about want (Proverbs 11:24-26; 19:17; 22:9). The hiding of the eyes to the plight of the poor reveals selfish indifference of the covetous. Such greed earns curses, from the people (Proverbs 11:26; 24:24) and from the Lord (Proverbs 1:23-33; 3:33; 21:13; Deuteronomy 15:7-11).

Proverbs 11:11

By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted: but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked.
– Proverbs 11:11

The blessing of the upright is contrasted with the mouth of the wicked, and so the effects of their speech are contrasted as exaltation or overthrow. The upright have wisdom and speak accordingly, which exalts or raises their society. The wicked have folly and spew it out to the overthrow, or bringing down, of themselves and everyone they ensnare (Proverbs 14:34; 29:8).

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