Psalm 119:47

And I will delight myself in thy commandments,
which I have loved.
~ Psalm 119:47

If we consider all the Psalms together, they run the gamut of expression. There are great depths of sorrow, misery, dryness and crumbling because of sin, confession, repentance, praise, God’s glory, and prophecy. It’s a pity these are not demotic, but perhaps that is why they are striking.

Verse 47 of this great Psalm has another expression of this sort. The Psalmist speaks of God’s commandments and speaks of delight and love. This expression is common throughout this Psalm (Psalm 119:47-48, 97, 127, 140, 167, 174).

The word for delight here is also used to speak of a child playing (Isaiah 11:8) and conveys the thought of seeking pleasure or enjoyment. The word for love is used to speak of a diversity of types of affection. So the Psalmist has great affection for the Word and seeks his delight in it. He has obviously made a high treasure of the Word and consequently his heart follows.

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