Psalm 119:28

My soul melteth for heaviness:
strengthen thou me according unto thy word.

~ Psalm 119:28

Deep distresses can melt the soul. They may come from sin within or without. They may come from the sorrows of life on a cursed earth. Melting is a good image regardless of the source. In our strength, we feel ourselves to be solid and firm. We address the day as a confident pugilist advances from the corner. But heaviness turns our firm insides to jelly. The heart and the stomach switch places under heavy grief. We all come to know such sorrows if we live long enough.

The Psalmist knew the pain. He knew the dissipating of strong-bone resilience in the face grievous weight. He also knew the remedy or the help needed. He sought strengthening according to God’s Word. Friend and foe alike may flee and forsake us. Counselors may fail, but the Word of God abides and stands sure (Psalm 119:89). God’s Word is ever our infallible guide and nourisher of our strength.

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