Psalm 119:25

My soul cleaveth unto the dust:
quicken thou me according to thy word.

~ Psalm 119:25

The Psalmist begins this stanza with a statement of great lament and grief. He doesn’t seem grieved with troubles from without, but rather with those within. This cry reminds us of Paul’s wrestle with the body of death in Romans 7. Of course, the Apostle knew that his victory and deliverance came through Jesus Christ (Romans 7:24-25).

Though he doesn’t point to the exact source of trouble, he seeks remedy in life through the Word. Quickening is first mentioned in this verse and will be mentioned again eight times. The word here means to live or to make alive, which is the sense here.

The Psalmist repeatedly prays to be quickened and we should not confuse that with being born again. New birth is a quickening, but not what the Psalmist is seeking. He is seeking life and vitality through the Word. He wants the Word made alive to him. He wants better light and motivation from the Word. He wants understanding and that understanding to energize him in life.

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