Psalm 119:24

Thy testimonies also are my delight and my counsellors.
~ Psalm 119:24

In the midst of adversity, the Psalmist delighted in God’s Word. The previous verses reveal he is in the midst of persecution. When someone speaks against us, we are sorely tempted to respond and retaliate if necessary. He wasn’t distracted. He found delight and sure counsel in the Word.

It seems this Psalm was written over a long time, or at least was written later in life with reflection on life. We have a young man in the previous stanza (Psalm 119:9-16). He is starting on his way. As we come to the present stanza (Psalm 119:17-24), he is living life, interacting with the world, and engaging in God’s service.

He’s not writing about hypothetical speculations. We often speculate about new situations. If we are starting a new job, moving to a new town, etc., we have ideas about how things are going to be. Often, those ideas are far from the reality we experience.

The Psalmist had made some resolutions in prospect that he was realizing. He had resolved to meditate and delight in God’s Word and that he would not forget it (Psalm 119:15-17). As we close the present stanza, he is living out those resolves. He was meditating in God’s Word despite temptations to distraction (Psalm 119:23). He was delighting and remembering despite the confusion of false speech around him (Psalm 119:24).

In our quiet times alone with Word, let us make holy resolves. Let us cling to those resolves in the stormy, tumultuous sea of life.

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