Psalm 119:14

I have rejoiced in the way of thy testimonies, as much as in all riches.
~ Psalm 119:14

The Psalmist rejoices in the Word of God because he knows what a real treasure it is. Those who have no knowledge of God have no sense of value in His Word. Some may perceive historical or literary value in the Bible. Others may sense some ethical and moral value, but this only places the Bible among other books of earthly interest.

Here the rejoicing is “in the way of thy testimonies.” This rejoicing runs deeper than only joy at hearing the Word. The stony ground hearers heard the Word with joy, but they had no root in them to persevere in the way of the Word (Matthew 13:20-21). Psalm 119:13 speaks not only of joy at hearing the Word, but joy in doing and keeping the Word of God. “The way” is a way of life. It is a living of the Word.

The rejoicing in the Word is compared to rejoicing “in all riches.” God’s testimonies are greater treasure than all the riches of the world. The sum of wealth on the earth at any given time is not equal to the treasure of God and His Word. It seems the Psalmist had experience with riches and he rejoiced in the Word more.

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One Response to “Psalm 119:14”
  1. B.F. Craft says:

    Thank you for sharing this most excellent verse and for the uplifting challenge that we set our affection on eternal things and not the the things of this passing world. All of your work is greatly appreciated!