Psalm 119:1

Blessed are the undefiled in the way,
who walk in the law of the LORD.

~ Psalm 119:1

Blessed are—This majestic Psalm opens by showing the way of the blessed. “Blessed” describes a condition or state of being. It signifies happiness or prosperity, but does not promise the absence of sorrow or loss. It does not indicate levity, joviality, nor mirth. It is a state of favor, particularly Divine favor.

The blessed condition ought to be desired by all Christians. Though there are many directions to it in Scripture, many are either ignorant of how to attain unto it or they are reckless of heeding the way to it. This particular Psalm gives ample instruction in being blessed. Are we wise enough to hear and heed it?

This verse begins, “Blessed are.” They are, and then their condition is described. In this Psalm, we find the blessed are in favor with God. This means they enjoy communication with Him and sensitive to impediments of the same.

The undefiled in the way—To be undefiled is to be upright and truthful. The underlying thought is truth and integrity. It is the absence of hypocrisy in their walk. This at least says that being blessed is not in external appearance. Often, the external appearance seems contradictory to being blessed.

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“Way” here is one of the related words used in this Psalm to speak of the Word of God. The root of this word in the Hebrew means to tread with the foot. So the root denotes the act of walking. “Way” here speaks of a path, road, a going, or journeying. This word occurs 13 times in the entire Psalm.

The way indicates a marked out way. For the blessed, it is God’s way. To walk any other way is to be out of favor with God, incurring His wrath in the case of the wicked and His chastisement in the case of His children. It might be said that the order of first importance to be blessed is to be in God’s way.

Who walk in the law of the LORD—”Law” is another synonym for God’s Word. Here it is torah, a precept or statute. The root means to project or to issue, hence to point out or to show. It includes teaching or instruction. God’s law contains His instructions and points out His will. This word occurs about 25 times in the entire Psalm.

To speak of law is to speak of power and authority. It is the law of the Lord and none other the blessed walk in. They have abandoned the path of tradition, opinion, and all other laws of men to walk singly in His law.

Emphasis is put on walk. This word often stands for conversation, or the way of life. It is comprehensive. The blessed have their entire conversation, way of life, regulated by God. While some may wish to have God’s Word for some things and not for others, the blessed want all of God’s Word for all of life.

“Walk” also conveys the idea of constancy, consistency, perseverance. The blessed are continuing in the things they have learned. They are of those who go on unto perfection. Starting out pointed in the right direction is good, but diverting from the path in the middle or stopping before we reach the destination is not. We must press on and walk.

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  1. Alexander says:

    On a cursory look of Psalm 119,we find that the Psalmist has love for the Law
    (v47,140,147,165)& that the Law of God is his delight.(70,77,92,97,147,174).When we have delight in the Word of God,we will meditate it day & night.(Ps.1:2).The Holy Spirit guides us into all truth.When we know the truth,we have to obey it.When we obey the known truth,we are blessed bu God.Thank You.