Proverbs 9:13

A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knoweth nothing.
– Proverbs 9:13

Verses 13-18 finish this chapter with the foolish woman and her feast of sweets that lead to the grave. The foolish woman’s despicable character is drawn against that of the lady Wisdom. The word for clamorous means roaring like the Niagra River going over the falls. It indicates a high volume in both loudness and quantity of spoken words. Solomon elsewhere marked the character of the fool as “full of words” (Ecclesiastes 10:14). To put it indelicately in modern speech, she is mouthy. Fools are known for emptying five gallon buckets of words (Proverbs 15:2) and they rather enjoy it (Proverbs 18:2). She is foolish, simple, and knoweth nothing. She is no better in terms of wisdom than the foolish simpletons she calls out to.

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