Proverbs 9:1

Chapter 9 completes this particular character sketch of wisdom using the motif of a banquet and the juxtaposition of the foolish woman’s banquet. Both characters are making appeals to gain a hearing as they are portrayed as hostesses inviting diners to their feasts. Verses 1-6 picture the feast of the wise woman. Every detail speaks of honor and dignity. It is a noble banquet. Verses 7-12 admonish the simple to receive wisdom and live. The progression of either wisdom or folly is shown. Verses 13-18 describe folly’s banquet. Folly is contrasted with wisdom and folly is depicted as a wicked hostess. She also calls to the simple to come in and the character of her guests is unmasked.

Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars:
– Proverbs 9:1

The previous chapter ended with wisdom among the godhead and the first six verses in chapter 9 return wisdom to the world of men. She is once again among the people of the earth. Here she is a hostess who has prepared her noble house for a feast and invites the simple to come in. Her house is built up or established. The seven pillars have been subjected to various and sundry fanciful interpretations. Seven is the number that often represents completion or fullness. From the context, it indicates her house is complete and fully suited to furnish all guests. In other words, all who come to her house have no need of supplementary provision. Pillars are columns that provide structural support to the roof and can function in an aesthetically pleasing way. The pillars indicate that wisdom’s house is a noble and stately house.

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