Proverbs 5:8

Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house:
– Proverbs 5:8

Wisdom discerns the way of evil and folly and does not begin in it. Remove and come not nigh are the heart of this admonition. We could say keep away and don’t even go near. Joseph once made a narrow escape though he was near enough to still come to trouble (Genesis 39:7-12). I suppose we could debate what his level of responsibility was in the matter, but the text tells us she sought him day by day and that he entered the house with no one else present. If nothing else, let his account reinforce the wisdom of Solomon that we keep away and don’t go near.

The New Testament echoes the command of wisdom here (2 Timothy 2:22). Jesus also spoke to this with terms of urgency (Matthew 5:28-30). Each generation has some particular applications of this verse, but the intent is always the same. Stay away. We need wisdom to discern the strange woman, for it was the young man devoid of it that was caught by her (Proverbs 7:7-13). Having discernment, let us practice radical avoidance.

Way is road here as elsewhere. It speaks to the path, or course of life you are on. Solomon instructs to remove your way far from the strange woman. This would include rerouting your life if necessary to avoid “accidentally” bumping into her. That would certainly include the online world today as well. The door of her house is the entrance, the way in. Applications are numerous but the point is clear. If you do not come near the entrance, you will not be inside the house.

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