Proverbs 26:10

The great God that formed all things both rewardeth the fool, and rewardeth transgressors.

– Proverbs 26:10

The wording of this proverb is extremely difficult. The words used have various meanings and the combination is puzzling. The word for great means abundant and is sometimes rendered captain or princes. It can indicate a superior rank. The word for formed means twist and connotes writing in pain. It is used to speak of childbirth, grief, or wounding. The word for rewardeth means wages and is used to speak of hiring, and appears twice in the verse. The word for fool is the most common word in Proverbs for fools. It refers to a dull an obstinate person. The word for transgressors means move away. It most often refers to physical and spatial movement. It is often translated as pass by, pass through, pass over, etc. It could refer here to a passer-by. The proverb certainly has a negative thrust with the idea of wounding and being in the context of verses pertaining to fools.




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